Do you want the Truth?

Do you want the Truth?

Does it call to you in the middle of night

When you lie awake

Wondering why you are alive?

Do you yearn for the Truth in your deepest soul?

A quietly felt

“Show me the Truth”.

A plea hollered at the universe

“Show me the Truth!”

Do you ask every day:

What is Truth?

Do you live that question in

Each moment?

Do you wonder at its hold on you?

Does that question ask itself through both

The good times and the pain?

Are you willing to give up

Everything for the Truth?

Are you willing to give up

All carefully constructed notions

Of who you are?

Of who you have been?

Of where you are going?

Are you prepared to let the knives of Truth

Cut away all falsehood and lies,

Piercing through those cherished beliefs and opinions

You so zealously guard?

Can you let go of the comforts and balms

That may briefly soothe your wounds and insecurities:

A pretty dress, the latest phone, a new lover, a spiritual high?

Can you forgo the sugary sympathies,

The pat on the back,

The applause?

Does the allure of a fragile fleeting happiness

No longer convince you?

Does the desire to be sedated

By the mindless entertainments

That so mesmerise millions

Hold a heavy pall?

Have intellectual wrangling and clever words

Lost their appeal?

Are you ever so tired of anything but the Truth?

Can you accept that the Truth

Can never be bought or bartered,

Can never be told?

Can you accept that the Truth

Offers no rewards except the Truth itself?

Do you love the Truth

With all your heart?

And would you accept

That you were never separate from the Truth?

Would you accept that the Truth

Is something you already know?

The Truth

Is something you already are?

It is the Truth that will set you free.

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