“Do you want to go Home?

Do you want to be at Home?
Come walk with me.

Come walk in this field we call ‘life’.
Home is closer than you can possibly imagine.”

from the chapter, Home

Suffering, Spirituality

and the

Inner Journey Home


walking the path

from desperation and fear

to the peace of lived awakening

- Marianne Broug -

With deep authenticity, wisdom, intimacy and courage, author Marianne Broug writes of her intense suffering, its transformation, and ultimately her awakening into Spirit or Consciousness as her true Home and the ultimate healer.

This book is a compelling and inspiring account of an ordinary woman living in ordinary suburbia, and her extraordinary journey to Truth and Oneness.


Rather than a chronological autobiography, Marianne invites the reader into topics such as suffering, suicide, soul, therapy and therapists, spiritual teachers, depression, creativity, courage, trauma, questions …

All of us on this journey need guidance, inspiration and support, no matter what stage we’re at. Rather than a quick-fix or self-help manual, this book is wise, raw and humble medicine from one who has gone before.

Here is rich depth that offers a path beyond the superficiality

of the everyday world.

Here is inspiration, insight and reflection

that speaks to our deepest doubts.

Here is a deep valuing of the wisdom we all carry within.

Here is prose, poetry, artwork and journaling

in which to delve and delight.

Here is salve and succor for the sensitive and beautiful soul.

Here is a celebration of our humanity and our humanness.

And here also, are the gentle cautions to warn of

dangers and pitfalls that may lie on the path ahead: in
therapy, in spiritual teaching, in psychiatry, in ‘normality’, in quick-fixes, in spiritual bypassing, in New Age positivity, in over-conceptualization.

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